My Story:

Four generations of my ancestors were Chinese medicine practitioners.


200 years ago, my great-great-grandfather was an herbalist and became a Chinese medicine practitioner to save people from illness.  He established a medical family that has continued to the 21st century.  He has passed 200 years of valuable experience and prescriptions to his descendants and keep improving it, perfecting and combining it with modern medical diagnosis.  It has pushed the efficacy potential of Chinese medicine for thousands of years to another new era.


My grandfather was the doctor of the Chenghai County Hospital in Guangdong during the Qing Dynasty.  He was entitled as the “Monk of the doctor” because of his outstanding literary, medical and medical ethics.  My uncle also succeeded his father’s post and became another famous doctor in Chenghai County Hospital.


In addition to being hardworking and be proficient in all pharmacology.   They are good doctor who noble in medical ethics, righteous and kindness, and wholeheartedly dedicated to every family in his region.


Although I have never had the opportunity to learn from my great-great- grandfathers, I have studied Chinese medicine from my grandfather and my uncle since childhood.  Their distinctive methods of diagnosis and treatment have given me a strong interest in Chinese medicine.  I used to ride a bike to help the elderly in my hometown and entitled “Little Fairy ”.  I wanted to continue the family’s generation of tradition to become a professional doctor and fascinated by the combination of Chinese and Western medicines, therefore I went to the Western Medical College. Later I learned Chinese medicine from my uncle, discovered the meaning of the precious ancestral prescriptions of various pharmacology, and practice with him.  Those precious experiences have changed my life.


Lam Kam Sang, the President of the Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute


World Medical Association,   Natural Therapy Consultant


Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association, Consultant


Hong Kong International Traditional Medical Research Association, Permanent honorary president


Hong Kong Police Basketball Club, Medical consultant (2001-2003)


China (Hong Kong) Eastern-Western Medicine Integration Practitioner Association, Consultant


The 2nd World Congress of Chinese Medicine, Honorary Chairman

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