Background of Lam Kam Sang Medical Institut

Since 1981, Lam Kam Sang and hismedical professional team began to use the experience and prescriptions of the four generations of Lin’s family to conduct clinical tests.  By systematically record the data of rehabilitation treatment, effectiveness, cure rate and side effects, and then select and improve the herbal medicine prescription with high medical value according to the data to breakthrough the limit in efficacy with the fastest and most healthy way to cure intractable diseases. 

For example, migraine, cervical spondylosis, benign breast tumor, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, chronic hepatitis, bronchitis, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, vasculitis, diabetes sequelae, chronic prostatitis, etc., not only have a very high treatment rate and can be clearly defined as the patient’s expected effectiveness and recovery schedule.

“Why going  thousands of miles looking for a good doctor if you have a good medicine in hands.”  is the aim of our institute.  In 1986, we make use of modern technology to extract Chinese herbal and turn it into pills and tablets form to eliminate the inconveniences of decoction and medicine taking. 

The first product LAM KAM SANG HEKLIN was introduced in 1995.  It can cure 95% of the patients that suffered headache in 15-60 days with superior efficacy.  Up to now, there are 65 products registered by the government, each of which has its own unique effect.   All products are the result of 30 years of hard work by the Institute. 

The reputation gained and the scale of today have made our Institute proud, and it has become the driving force for continuing to work for our society.


Medical Expert Team

Lam Kam Sang, the President of the Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute


World Medical Association , Natural Therapy Consultant


Hong Kong Chinese Medical Association, Consultant


Hong Kong International Traditional Medical Research Association,Permanent honorary president


Hong Kong Police Basketball Club, Medical consultant (2001-2003)


China (Hong Kong) Eastern-Western Medicine Integration Practitioner Association, Consultant


The 2nd World Congress of Chinese Medicine, Honorary Chairman

Professor Yu Liu Rong

(Drug Research and Identification Consultant)


First Military Medicine University of China, Professor


CFDA, Evaluation Consultant


New Drug Research Fund of China, Evaluation Consultant


National Natural Science Foundation of China, EvaluationConsultant


China Military Medical Council, Vice-Director


China Military Drug Evaluation Center, Evaluation Consultant

Professor Hui

(Our Clinical Consultant of Eastern-Western Integration Therapy)


European Medical Union, Medical Supervisory Councilor



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