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Lam Kam Sang® BODITRIM



Why do most of the healthy and active young people can eat a lot without getting fat?

It is because they have strong vitality and metabolic functions, and a lot of nutrients can rapidly burn into endless energy for the needs of growth.

The prescription of BODITRIM is inspired by the principle of “Won’t Get Fat” of the children, using high-quality and pure traditional Chinese medicine to refine and specialize in Chinese patent medicine for the health and weight loss.

BODITRIM has the functions of raising the yang, activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, draining, and eliminating dampness-evil rapidly.

Besides, it also revitalizes metabolism, burns out the excess body fat, removes excess liquid, toxins and metabolic waste from the body, helps the body to become lighter and more vibrant, just like having a feeling of sunny sky and a bright new world.


120 capsules Made in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Reg. No.: HKP-05390

* The revealed treatment effects are based on our clinical experience. Due to personal physique, health condition, latent diseases, lifestyle, habit, and environmental factors, the efficacy can be varied; therefore, they cannot be treated as a guarantee.

Main Ingredients

Radix Astragali, Herba Lycopi, Poria, Radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata, etc.
Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang® BODITRIM contains 500mg extract of the above Chinese medicine.

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The Required course of treatment (with a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and adherence to the method of taking):
1.During 60-90 days of treatment, physical fitness and constitution are significantly improved, swellings of eyelids and limbs disappear, symptoms of fat accumulation are reduced, and the effective rate of weight loss is more than 90%. In 120-180 days of treatment, more than 80% of the body weight can return to healthy standards.

2.BODITRIM has no side effects and dependency, suitable for people with diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and gastrointestinal disease.

3. Healthy people taking BODITRIM is of great helps to maintain youth, improve vitality, and strengthen the resistance to disease.


Case 1

Miss Leung, 18 years old, height 155cm, weight 71 kg, has suffered from adiposity.

After taking Lam Kam Sang® BODITRIM for 95 days, she lost 10 kg of the weight; continuously taking the treatment course for 80 days, she lost another 6 kg.

She had stopped the medicine completely after reaching the favorable weight of 55 kg, and the symptoms such as physical weakness and headache disappeared. 3 years of observation shows that her body weight remains unchanged.


Case 2
Mr. Tao, height 171cm, weight 210 kg, feeling short of breach even walked for several steps.

He had also suffered from hypertension, high blood lipid and fatty liver.

After taking Lam Kam Sang® BODITRIM for 1.5 years, in coordination of healthy diet and adequate exercise, his weight dropped to 90 kg, the blood pressure and blood lipid returned to normal and the fatty liver was obviously improved.

He can do different kinds of exercise for 1 hour without feeling tire, and his health condition is good.。

    Take 6 capsules each time, 2 times a day, with water on an empty stomach.

    Seriously obese people can take 3 times a day.

    1. Contraindicated during pregnancy.
    2. Do not stay up late.
    3. Do not take any medicines or hormones which cause damage to the liver. Keeping a healthy liver function can surely help BODITRIM bringing out its weight-reducing purpose.
    4. Discontinue the treatment temporarily during a common cold, fever, or acute bacteria infectious diseases.


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