Our products were launched for 40 years with good reputation, advantages as follows:

1, All good grade natural herbs.

2, The scope of the treatment is described by modern medical diagnostic nouns and their symptoms, and the required progression of treatment for clinical efficacy or cure (if any) is listed for each disease.

3, The scope of the treatment includes many diseases that are difficult to cure in modern remedy.

4, Each product has the dual effects of treatment and health care,balance body function, improve immunity and natural healing power.  Heal in the quickest and most beneficial way, with no side effects.

5, Gentle prescription, suitable for different people.  Once it is taken in an indicative way, its curative effects are different from ordinary Chinese patent medicines.

6, Heavy metals, toxic substances and microorganisms are strictly controlled in production procedures and meet WMO standards.


Honors and certifications

All products of our institute are manufactured by Euro America Pharmaceutical Factory that are wholly-owned.

Over 60 products in our institute are registered by the Hong Kong Department of Health and are regularly checked by the quality inspection agency to guarantee that our instituteprovides the highest quality, safe and no side effects Chinese medicine products.


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