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Lam Kam Sang® CELITIN have resistance to various kinds of gastroenteritis bacteria and virus, rapidly stops the pain, vomit and diarrhea.

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Lam Kam Sang® CELITIN have resistance to various kinds of gastroenteritis bacteria and virus, rapidly stops the pain, vomit and diarrhea. It can also activate vital energy to relieve dyspepsia and regulate the function of the stomach and intestine. The recovering result is fast and effective without causing any side effects such as fatigue or constipation.


Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Reg. No.: HKP-05378

60 tablets Made in Hong Kong.

Main Ingredients

Every capsule of CELITIN contains 380mg extract of Rhizoma Coptidis, Radix Aucklandiae, Rhizoma Atractylodis etc.


  1. Acute gastroenteritis (bacterium food poisoning).
  2. Abdominal pain, vomit and diarrhea caused by unfavorable climate and indigestion.
  3. Prevention of abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by contaminated foods.
1. Acute Gastroenteritis:

A. Cause and Symptoms:

Pathogenic bacteria entering the stomach after meal will rapidly reproduce and release toxin causing poisonous reaction to the body, it is also known as “bacterium food poisoning”.

Usually, after intake of unclean food for half hour to three hours, distension, resound and dull pain are noted on the upper abdominal and around navel areas (prelude period).

Subsequently followed by dull pain accompanied by intermittent severe pain, nausea, vomit, diarrhea and sometimes with fever (manifest period).

B. Estimated Treatment Period:

Strictly followed the “ADMINISTRATION” procedures can achieve an obvious improvement in 10-30 minutes and the symptom is under control.

Recovery will be achieved after taking CELITIN 1-2 times during prelude period; 2-3 times in the early stage and 3-4 times in the intermediate stage of manifest period.

If the patient starts to take CELITIN 12 hours after the manifest period, he must take the medicine 6-8 times in order to achieve complete recovery, disregard of taking other medicines during such period.

Some patients may also suffer from fever as well which is due to the release of toxin by virus during bacteria duplication. Patient  must drink more clean and lukewarm water to urge the toxin to be discharged from the body as soon as possible. Supplemented vitamin C can also help to restore the body health.


2. Abdominal Pain And Diarrhea Caused By Unfavorable Climate:

A. Cause and symptom: Unaccustomed to the local climate, food and the quality of water during traveling, moving or migrating to foreign countries may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, eructation of acid and undigested food etc. It is because the physical resistance against the bacteria and virus of the gastroenteritis drops correspondingly.

B. Estimated Treatment Period: Take CELITIN according to”ADMINISTRATION “, full recovery can be achieved in 1-4 days of treatment for mild cases and 5-10 days for serious ones.

3. Abdominal Pain And Diarrhea Caused By Indigestion:

A. Cause and symptom: Intemperate diet, physical weakness and indigestion may cause functional disorder of the stomach and the accumulation of toxin and virus eventually leading to abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite, eructation of undigested food and residual found in excrement etc.

B. Estimated Treatment Period: Take CELITIN according to “ADMINISTRATION “, full recovery can be achieved in 2-4 days of treatment for mild cases and 5-10 days for serious ones.

4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Diarrhea Type):

A. Causes and Symptoms: Functional disorder of the stomach and intestines causing irritable diarrhea. It may also be caused by mental strain or taking of cold and raw foods during or after menstruation.

B. Estimated Treatment Period:Improvement is attained in 1-3 days of treatment and the curative rate is over 90 % in 5-10 days of treatment.

5. Knowledge For Treating And Recovering Periods:

Frequent vomits may cause dehydration of the body. Patients must drink adequate clean and lukewarm water, rice soup( with few salt added), diluted fruit juice etc. to supplement the body fluid. Avoid eating cold, raw, oily, fried, baked and barbecued foods, seafood and any food which is difficult to digest. Foods in fluid or semi fluid forms are preferred. Avoid catching cold and in contact with patient with contagious diseases (including flu patient).

6. For The Prevention of Food Poisoning:

In order to avoid food poisoning during traveling or banquet, it is suggested to take one dosage before or immediately after meal with lukewarm water. CELITIN is also helpful in digestion.


Case 1:

Whenever Mr. Wong goes for business trips, he always brings CELITIN with him. Last spring, he went to northern China with 2 colleagues on a business trip. On the half way, they dropped by a noodle shop for a meal, and unfortunately, they started to have flatulence together 2 hours later. Mr. Wong took CELITIN immediately but the other two refused. One hour later, Mr. Wong was feeling fine, but his colleagues were having bursts of pain in their stomach then vomiting with diarrhea. Luckily, Mr. Wong had brought enough CELITIN with him and after taking two courses, his colleagues were recovered.

Case 2:

Mr, Guan, 28 years old. He had been suffering from secret anguish of the stomach and having diarrhea 3-5 times a day. For the past 3 months, diarrhea always emerged once after meal. Before this case, he was in Thailand on a business trip for over 20 days and during this period, diarrhea emerged and could not be healed. It was usually due to not acclimatized to the local weather and climate causing infection of bacteria as resistance decreased. He was given CELITIN 3 times a day, 6 capsules each time for one week and the symptoms disappeared. He took CELITIN for 3 more days to consolidate the efficacy and completely recovered.

Fabulous Functions Which Bring You Additional Thankfulness:
In addition to the major functions of eliminating the melanin and promoting better quality of skin, MELASIN also has extra remarkable functions of eliminating wasted substances such as toxin, accumulated wall-fats in vessels, excessive fat and stagnated blood etc. from the body, thus improving the function and resistance of your body and internal organs. You should be thankful when you notice that your physical health is improving after taking MELASIN for 7-10 days

1. Dosage:

Adult:  6 capsules each time. (5 capsules for adults with weak physique or skinny body)
Dosages for Infant and Children vary according to weight:
Below 10 kg, 1 capsule each time;   10-20 kg, 2 capsules each time;  21-30 kg, 3 capsules each time;
31-40 kg, 4 capsules each time;    41-50 kg, 5 capsules each time;    Above 50 kg, dosage same as adult.


2. Dosage Periods:

A. For acute gastroenteritis: Take the 2nd time of CELITIN 2 hours after the first dosage; afterwards, each time every 4 hours.
B. For unfavorable climate and indigestion: 3 times a day, either after meal or empty stomach.
C. For prevention: Take one dosage before or immediately after meal with lukewarm water.

Administration with caution for pregnant women.


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