1.    Product

  • We must be responsible to doctors, practitioners, nurses, patients and family members who recommend and use our products
  • We must continue to improve on our research and production to provide the highest quality in aspects of efficacy, safety, sanitary, natural ingredients, absence or nil side effects in our proprietary Chinese medicine products.
  • We must maintain reasonable prices so that those in need can have a fair opportunity for treatment. We must give a reasonable share of benefits among supply chain members in order to maintain good relationship and benefit the end users.
  • We must present traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to the world while seeking integration of TCM and conventional modern medicine studies in pursuit of contribute to world health.

2.    Employee

  • We must manage on the basis of people, respect diversity and dignity in pursuit of harmony.
  • We must be determined to create a good communication environment so that corporate can listen to suggestions and complaints from employees.
  • We must attach importance to training and development in order to have the right people in the right position.
  • We must compensate our employees with a fair share of company performance. We must provide workplace safety, sanity and comfort to protect employees and assist in their role responsibilities in families.

3.    Social responsiblities

  • We must be enthusiastic of community charities and help those in need in order to promote a healthy and harmonic community.
  • We must be mindful of ways to help protect our environment and sparingly use natural resources to sustain future development.

4.    Corporate management and development

  • We must continue with development, creativity, new product idea, research and advancement in production.
  • We must pay for mistakes and learn from them.

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