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Eye is the window of the soul and we must protect and take care of our eyes all the time. Taking Lam Kam Sang OPTICLIN for 10 days, the efficacy is more obvious than taking blueberry products for 3 months.





Lam Kam Sang® OPTICLIN®’s unique prescription combines the most valuable and beneficial herbs which are recorded in the Chinese medicine history for the health care of eyes.

Taking Lam Kam Sang® OPTICLIN® after eye surgery can obviously accelerate the recovery of the eyeballs by over 50%.

It is suitable for males and females of all ages and physique without any side effect.


70 tablets Made in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Reg. No.: HKC-00854

* The revealed treatment effects are based on our clinical experience. Due to personal physique, health condition, latent diseases, life style, habit and environmental factors, the efficacy can be varied, therefore they cannot be treated as absolute guarantee.

Main Ingredients

Flos Eriocauli, Fructus Mori, Flos Buddlejae, Herba Dendrobii, Margarita etc.
Every tablet of Lam Kam Sang® OPTICLIN® contains 430 mg extract of the above Chinese medicines.


1. Mild shortsightedness.
2. Presbyopia
3. Ache and swelling pain of the eye balls.
4. For tearing, unclear eyesight or reddish eyes.
5. Various kinds of degeneration and chronic eye diseases.
6. Convalescent period after eye surgeries of cataract, glaucoma or rentinal detachment.

Rapidly strengthens the activity of the eye cells to improve the eyesight, eliminates damages caused by the irradiation of the computer, desired effect can be attained in 1 hour and the curative rate is over 98%in 7-30 days of course;

cures and prevents eye diseases such as early stage of short-sightedness, presbyopia, muscae volitantes, degeneration of retina, early stage of cataract with obvious effect and the effective rate is over 95%.

1. Shortsightedness:

Pre-short sightedness symptoms such as ocular ache, dryness and tearing caused by study or computer operation can be relieved in 60 minutes if OPTICLIN is taken immediately, and the curative period is around 7~30 days.

Taking OPTICLIN® promptly in the initial period of short sightedness (unstable period) can achieve obvious improvement or complete recovery in 30~90 days of treatment. OPTICLIN has obvious effect in improving and protecting the eyesight from aggravation into more serious cases.

2. Presbyopia:

Taking OPTICLIN constantly can improve the presbyopia with remarkable effect.

3. For tearing with wind, unclear eyesight, bulbar conjunctive or reddish eyes, improvement can be attained in 7 days and the curative rate is over 90% in 30~60 days of treatment.
4. Early stages of muscae volitantes.

Most of the patients will achieve obvious improvement of eyesight in 90~270 days of treatment.

5. Convalescent period after eye surgeries of cataract, glaucoma or retinal detachment:

Taking OPTICLIN immediately after the surgery for 30~60 days can obviously relieve the uncomfortable symptoms and improve the surgical efficacy with remarkable effect.

6. The efficacy of OPTICLIN is unparallel to the products of the similar kind.

For students and persons who work, study or use computer excessively, taking OPTICLIN® constantly can protect the eyes against short sightedness effectively.

The above treatment effects are for reference only, since it may be affected by physical health, lifestyle, hobbies or environmental impact.

Case 1:

Ms Chong, 56 years old. Her right eye had suffered from blurring of vision due to unclear lens for 4 years. Recently, her left eye had also suffered from muscae volitantes with blurring vision and frequent tearing. After taking for 20 days, the symptom of tearing disappeared and her eyesight was improved.

After 60 days, the muscae volitantes in the left eye was cured with clear eyesight. Obvious eyesight improvements were noted in her right eye as well as her physique. Her alopecia was also cured.

After taking for 170 days, she had an examination in the ophthalmic hospital which revealed that the left eye was completely normal, while the right eye only had slight opague on the side of the lens.

Case 2:

Mr Wong, 9 years old. Over the past 5 years, his eyes had suffered from tearing without reasons, tearing with wind and blurring vision when the symptom got serious. Since some family members had similar problems and no definitive diagnosis was made in the eye examinations, his symptoms might be caused by family heredity. Improvement of the symptoms is noted after taking Lam Kam Sang®Opticlin® for 10 days and after 90 days of treatment, the symptoms had disappeared completely.

In order to consolidate the efficacy, he took once a day for another 60 days. Recent follow up revealed no relapse with the eyes.

Case 3:

Mr Lam, 10 years old. His eyesight was good previously, optometry measuring 2.0 at the time of an eye examination 2 years ago. Over the past year, due to heavy scholastic pressure, he spent over 10 hours averagely every day reviewing lessons at school and home. Whenever he was reading books, his eyes felt sore, swollen and tearing, and his vision dropped sharply to 0.9. He was prescribed with Lam Kam Sang® Opticlin® , twice a day, 5 tablets each time. Over the next 5 days, the eyes discomfort disappeared completely. After 60 days of treatment, his vision reached 1.5, and after 90 days of treatment, his vision returned to normal range of 2.0.

Treatment or tie in with surgery: 2 times a day or 3 times a day for serious cases.

For adult:
6 tablets for weight 60 kg or under;
7 tablets for weight above 60 kg.

For children:
2 tablets for weight under 10 kg;
3 tablets for weight within 10 kg to 20 kg;
4 tablets for weight within 20 kg to 30 kg;
5 tablets for weight within 30 kg to 40 kg;
6 tablets for weight within 40 kg to 50 kg.

For health caring (once daily): Takes the same dosage as indicated in the treatment.

1. Should be discontinued in case of cold, acute bacterial or viral infection.
2. Good habits for eye protection should always be strongly advocated


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