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Lam Kam Sang® THYRIN


Lam Kam Sang® CELITIN have resistance to various kinds of gastroenteritis bacteria and virus, rapidly stops the pain, vomit and diarrhea.




Softening and resolving hard mass, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, decomposing toxin and improving immunity are the major prescription principles of Lam Kam Sang® THYRIN. It has excellent functions of treating benign tumors, nodules and cysts of the thyroid and its peripheral tissues. Besides, it also has good therapeutic effects for subacute thyroiditis and chronic thyroiditis without any side effects or dependence. Lam Kam Sang® THYRIN is suitable for patients of all physiques.


Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Reg. No.: HKP-08944

120 capsules   Made in Hong Kong

Main Ingerdients

Fructus Trichosanthis , Thallus Laminariae , Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergii , Margarita , Radix Scrophulariae , Rhizoma Pinelliae Preparata  etc.

Every capsule of Lam Kam Sang THYRIN contains 500 mg extract of the above Chinese medicines.


  1. Benign tumors, nodules and cysts of the thyroid and its peripheral tissues, subacute thyroiditis and chronic thyroiditis.
  2. Lam Kam Sang® THYRIN can be taken at the same time during western medical treatment which can help speed up recovery.
  3. In case of the recurrence of the above symptoms occurs after surgical treatment, Lam Kam Sang® THYRIN is also beneficial.
  1. If the lesions reduce significantly after a 30-60 day course, then they should be regarded as benign with over 90% accuracy .Meanwhile, the course plays a therapeutic role as well.
  2. After the above test, if the lesions do not reduce significantly or instead continue to grow, they have the possibility of being malignant and one should consult western doctor for biopsy and diagnosis immediately.

Treatment period:

Takes the first checkup after 90 days of course, afterwards, one checkup every 90 days of course until the lesions disappear completely, followed by  another 60 days to consolidate the efficacy. Clinically, the curative rate is over 80% with 120-180 day course and over 90%with 270 day course.

  1. Case 1Mr. Yau, 62 years old, discovered in 2014 that the right thyroid gland has an egg-shaped tumor of about 5 cm in diameter, with a hard, smooth surface. On February 15th, he began to take LamKamSang® Thyrin®, three times a day, six capsules each time. After 40 days of treatment, the tumor shrinks by 1/4. After taking 50 days, the tumor shrinks by more than 50%. After a total of 210 days of treatment, the tumor disappeared, and no recurrence has occurred so far. Thyroid function has not been affected.Case 2Mr. Tang , 62 years old, had a CT scan in July 2016 and found that the thyroid gland had multiple cysts and solid nodules. The largest right thyroid gland had 19x16x18mm nodules, and had the smallest 6x4x7mm nodules at left thyroid gland . After taking “LamKamSang® Thyrin” for 70 days, no nodule was touched, and after another 50 days, the symptoms disappeared completely, and no relapse has occurred so far.
  1. The main reasons for the diseases:
  2. Genetics
  3. Environmental pollutions and artificial food additives.
  4. Mental stress or depression.
  5. Major Symptoms:

Thyroid nodules or cysts usually locate at the thyroid or its peripheral tissues which can be single or complex in numbers with different sizes, hardness and outlines; they usually stay still and can be felt by hand. Benign nodules can grow to a size resemble an egg and no pain is felt when pressed, and some of them are moveable if pushed. Symptoms resemble hyperthyroidism such as accelerated heart rate, heart palpitations, increased appetite, irritability and insomnia may occur if the function of the thyroid is affected.

  1. Identification of benign and malignant lumps:

Clinically, it is difficult to differentiate between benign and malignant nodules at the thyroid and its peripheral tissues, therefore, it is suggested toopt for simpler and more accurate diagnostic methods:

3 times a day, to be taken with water after meal.

5 capsules for weight 50 kg or below.

6 capsules for weight around 60 kg.

7 capsules for weight over 70 kg.


2. Dosage Periods:
A. For acute gastroenteritis: Take the 2nd time of CELITIN 2 hours after the first dosage; afterwards, each time every 4 hours.
B. For unfavorable climate and indigestion: 3 times a day, either after meal or empty stomach.
C. For prevention: Take one dosage before or immediately after meal with lukewarm water.

  1. Contraindicated during pregnancy.
  2. Discontinue treatment temporarily during common cold or fever.